BLACK Lidlox Helmet Locks for Can Am Spyder (PAIR)

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We are very proud to now sell these great Lidlox helmet locks for your Can Am Spyder (BLACK - PAIR)

No better way to secure a helmet on a Spyder, this will also free up space for you as we know that it's at a premium on our beloved machines. High quality and stylish.

Installation is a breeze, just 2 minutes per side. You can walk away from your Spyder feeling secured that your helmet will be there when you return, make sure you hold on tight to your helmet when unlocking because it's like walking the  once you unlock, it falls fast.....

Good job Matt at Lidlox for a great product !!!

Available for the following models.

F3 - F3S - F3T - F3LTD      2015 to Present

RT - RTS - RT LTD            2010 to Present

ST - STS - ST LTD            2013 to 2016

RS - RSS                         2013 to 2016


  • 5
    Black Lidlox helmet locks

    Posted by Roger on 2021 May 8th

    Quality product, easy to install and does exactly what it's supposed to do

  • 5
    Helmet lock

    Posted by Jim on 2021 Feb 1st

    Good product, easy install

  • 5
    Helmet lock

    Posted by Jim on 2021 Feb 1st

    Good product, easy install

  • 5
    No contact storage

    Posted by Craig on 2020 May 20th

    First time I have had a helmet lock that didn't result in our helmets rubbing against the bike. Really good design with simple lock and unlock functionality. Install is a breeze. Looks good as well.

  • 5

    Posted by Ahmadou Haman-Dicko on 2019 Mar 1st

    Great quality product. Easy to use.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 2018 Oct 5th

    The helmet locks are outstanding very easy to install and very simple to use “We Love Them”

  • 5
    easy to install

    Posted by Geoff Griffiths on 2018 Aug 19th

    I had a stroke so my right-hand doesn't work so well. this install of the helmet locks took me 20 minutes to install both sides.

  • 5
    Secures the helmets.

    Posted by Jim Lachman on 2018 Aug 3rd

    This is a nice way to secure the helmets. We have the comm. system so it is nice to lock the helmets.

  • 4
    Helmet Locks for my Spyder

    Posted by Ralph on 2018 Jul 26th

    Didn't take long to find out keeping 1 or 2 helmets secure when you leave your Spyder was an issue, so I bought this pair of locks. They were very easy to install and so far they have worked just fine. You have got to remember to place your hand under the helmet when you unlock it, as the helmet drops really fast. My only concern is the quality of the little locking mechanism itself, but they advise the user to keep it clean and lubricated. So for now, my problem has been solved.