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GPS/Cell Mounts - Misc

  • Combo Bolt - Arm - 1"ball -  X Grip RAM

    Combo Bolt - Arm - 1"ball - X Grip RAM

    With this combo you get our stainless steel bolt, the 1 inch ball, the arm and the X-Grip to hold either a GPS or a cell phone. Mounts on all Spyders and models except for the Tri-axis ajustable handlebars on the RT. The ultimate solution to have...

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  • Dual USB charger RT - ST  (Blue LED)

    Dual USB charger RT - ST (Blue LED)

    This is a nice alternative to getting all your electronics charged while riding. It's a perfect fit in one of those available slots just beneath the steering wheel. installs in about 30 minutes if you take your time, you can actually just use the wiring...

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  • Grand Pet Palace - Ideal for small dogs

    Grand Pet Palace - Ideal for small dogs

    Bring your pet on the road on your Can Am Spyder! Take your favorite four-legged family member on the road trip of a lifetime with the safest and most versatile motorcycle pet carrier available. Updated styling, amenities, plus additional ventilation...

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  • Hitchhiker Tour bag

    Hitchhiker Tour bag

    Need extra space for luggage, this is what you need. Works great with the our luggage rack! The Hitchhiker is hands down the most versatile trunk rack bag in the business. Integrated elastic shock cords with hook-&-loop fasteners make secure...

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  • Large Spider Decal

    Large Spider Decal

    Beautiful Spider touch.... The 6 5/8” x 8’’ Black Spider comes with an acrylic tape adhesive back and comfortably fits the glove box cover,front hood or other surface. Designed from durable and flexible rubber with several joints to...

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  • MTX Audio Soundbar

    MTX Audio Soundbar

    6-SPEAKER BLUETOOTH MOTORCYCLE HANDLEBAR SPEAKER SYSTEM The MTX MUDHSB-B is an outdoor, weather-resistant, and super-rugged bluetooth motorcycle handlebar speaker system that is designed to deliver exceptional audio quality to any vehicle with...

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