RT 2020 and up - Chalk White Tank pad protection (3 pcs)

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Once again we are innovating by taking things to the next level, gone is just making things out of vinyl or carbon fibre, welcome to the color match era guys !!!

There are so many places on the new RT series that the plastic panels scratch easily that we took some time to see how we could fix that with some style worthy of a 30K machine. Making color match panels includes so many steps to ensure precision, style and quality. We thought that riders would appreciate all those aspects and value having something that both protects and adds some Bling Bling to their Spyders !!!

We paint plastic sheet of plastic, laser cut to perfection, 3M quality tape, polyurethane domed for the finishing touch. We are taking pre-orders at the special launch price with orders shipping mid-Septembre 2021. Colors available are the Chalk White, Marsala Red, Asphalt Gray, Highland Green and Petrol Blue.