RT Series 2010-2019 Glossy Black Polyurethane Windshield Blackout - fits BRP stock windshield - Will NOT FIT if you have adjustable vent.

CASA Home Brand
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The Glossy Black Edition is here !! Will NOT FIT if you have adjustable vent.

Style and innovation !! The new generation of RT series windshield blackout are here !! Polyurethane protection.

(fits RT Series 2010-2019)

It's now possible to hide that spot where the metal bracket and windshield makes it so hard to clean behind....almost impossible to get a rag in there to dry off the soap stains and dirt....

We're taking our game to the next step and upping quality and style, polyurethane windshield blackout are here. This version is in our Glossy black style and it's gorgeous. This fits the BRP stock windshields with the 2 vent holes or the one with them, we provide the inserts so it fits both models. Easy installation, takes a few minutes at most. Clean windshield with a good glass cleaner first, then use rubbing alcohol after that. Install while windshield is in place, no need to remove it from the Spyder.

Also available in carbon black and chrome.Will NOT FIT if you have adjustable vent.