2018 and up - F3T/LTD Series Dashboard Color Match - Full Color

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We are stepping up the game my friends !!

Color match dashboard for the F3T/LTD series 2018 and up.

This is a huge challenge for us, we are going to bring you a dashboard with a color match option. I have to say that we're a little nervous about this big project. Having a color match or hydrographed dashboard is going to "pimp" your Spyder big time. It will be a small expense for a big impact. We're able to do that because we're buying hundreds at a time and going into mass production. We are covering all years and most colors. You will find the following...


To get this right, we used 2 ways of getting the perfect colors, we used the BRP color codes and we scanned panels from actual Spyders. No mistakes here...The dashboards get the full treatment. They get sandblasted, primed, sanded, painted and then cleared.

We are very proud of this project and can't wait for you to see the quality we are offering in the finish product. Any questions can be sent to [email protected] or call Pierre at 450-586-9608.