Baja Ron's Swaybar - F3 Series Spyder 2015-2022

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Another high quality product, Baja Ron' swaybar !!

Does the front end of your Spyder dive or lean too much in turns?   Do you get pushed around in Crosswinds or when passing large trucks on the Interstate? Would you like to increase Stability, Traction, Steering Control and Handling?  Does the VSS system (Nanny) slow you down when you reasonably try to negotiate a turn on a winding country road? This Custom - High Performance Anti-Sway Bar will make a world of difference that you can feel right from the first ride, and every time you round a curve in the road, pass a big truck or ride in crosswinds. All without increasing ride height or giving your Spyder a harsh or stiff ride . 

The BajaRon Anti-Sway Bar does not affect ride stiffness or suspension height. DOES NOT affect Front End Alignment. There is no Drilling or modifications needed. Full Detailed Instructions included. Many Spyder Owners raise the Coil Spring setting on their Front Shocks hoping to reduce Body Lean, gain more steering control and improve stability. This approach will produce moderate results but also creates a stiffer, harsher ride. Stiffening the Coil Shock Springs to control Lean Angle is attacking the problem with the wrong tool. Though shocks are extremely important to a safe, comfortable and controlled ride, they cannot do the job of an Anti-Sway Bar. Installing the BajaRon Custom Anti-Sway Bar will GREATLY reduce Lean Angle without giving the rider a stiff, harsh or uncomfortable ride. Not only do you get better, more controlled handling, but fatigue is reduced and ride comfort is enhanced. 

Because a stiffer shock spring setting is no longer needed, many Spyder owners return their shock springs to the 2nd or 3rd detent after installing the Custom Performance bar resulting in a much smoother ride. 




  • 5
    Must have handling upgrade

    Posted by David Schulz on 2022 Apr 4th

    I highly recommend this upgrade. Stability and cornering are greatly improved. You really do have to jack the Spyder up high to install though. As a result I had the dealer do the installation.

  • 5
    What A Great Improvement

    Posted by James Fejes on 2021 Oct 17th

    What a great add to our Spyder

  • 5
    F3 Baja Ron's swaybar

    Posted by Daniel Tenke on 2021 Oct 17th

    Made a great difference in handling especially in curves. Just like Pierre promised.

  • 5
    BAJA Ron's Swaybar

    Posted by Darwyn Blomquist on 2021 Oct 15th

    It has made quite a difference in how the Spyder handles. Really good in wind and cornering.

  • 5
    sway bar

    Posted by James H Bilderback on 2021 Oct 8th

    Sway bar arrived and was installed. The machine has to be elevated some but that is necessary for installation. There is a noticeable improvement in handling when riding 2 up.

  • 5
    BajaRon sway bar

    Posted by Rick Brundrige on 2021 Sep 25th

    Probably the best upgrade I did to my Spyder. Handles much better in turns and less twitchy on highway.

  • 5
    Must-have handling improvement

    Posted by Dave Schulz on 2021 Jul 20th

    The improvement in handling, in particular the bike is much more stable on uneven road surfaces and at speed, and cornering is greatly improved. When they say you need 24" clearance underneath to pass the bar through the frame they are not exaggerating. If you can't achieve this safely, pay a mechanic for the 30 minutes max it takes to do the installation.

  • 5
    Sway bar F3

    Posted by Francois Messier on 2021 Jul 6th

    This bar is the best update i made on my F3

  • 5

    Posted by Lisa Andrews on 2021 May 30th

    Great aftermarket product! Makes a huge difference in handling your Spyder!! Free Shipping was awesome too along with the little gifts of a keychain and pens!! I wish I never waited this long to buy it!