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Another high quality product, Baja Ron' swaybar !!

Does the front end of your Spyder dive or lean too much in turns?   Do you get pushed around in Crosswinds or when passing large trucks on the Interstate? Would you like to increase Stability, Traction, Steering Control and Handling?  Does the VSS system (Nanny) slow you down when you reasonably try to negotiate a turn on a winding country road? This Custom - High Performance Anti-Sway Bar will make a world of difference that you can feel right from the first ride, and every time you round a curve in the road, pass a big truck or ride in crosswinds. All without increasing ride height or giving your Spyder a harsh or stiff ride . 

The BajaRon Anti-Sway Bar does not affect ride stiffness or suspension height. DOES NOT affect Front End Alignment. There is no Drilling or modifications needed. Full Detailed Instructions included. Many Spyder Owners raise the Coil Spring setting on their Front Shocks hoping to reduce Body Lean, gain more steering control and improve stability. This approach will produce moderate results but also creates a stiffer, harsher ride. Stiffening the Coil Shock Springs to control Lean Angle is attacking the problem with the wrong tool. Though shocks are extremely important to a safe, comfortable and controlled ride, they cannot do the job of an Anti-Sway Bar. Installing the BajaRon Custom Anti-Sway Bar will GREATLY reduce Lean Angle without giving the rider a stiff, harsh or uncomfortable ride. Not only do you get better, more controlled handling, but fatigue is reduced and ride comfort is enhanced. 

Because a stiffer shock spring setting is no longer needed, many Spyder owners return their shock springs to the 2nd or 3rd detent after installing the Custom Performance bar resulting in a much smoother ride.





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    wanting one for a long time

    Posted by Malcolm Read on 2023 Dec 11th

    I have not had it installed yet as i did not want to take my bike out for service as there were few days left to ride. But I have heard so much about them and how it improved my friends bike. So my next time in the shop for tire and such I will have it installed. I see no reason why it wont perform to the degree that all the ratings have said about it.

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    Baja Ron Swaybar

    Posted by Cheryl Shamblen on 2023 Jul 7th

    I’m older and don’t really ride fast or takes turns really fast and therefore wasn’t going to purchase the Baja Ron swaybar because I didn’t think it would make a big difference for me. WRONG. As soon as my husband and I had it install I took it around the (country) block to s Enid I would notice a difference. When I got back I told my husband I did notice a slight difference in the turns, BUT, I where I really noticed the difference is on the highway when the big trucks go by or when the wind is bad. AWESOME! So glad I purchased and installed the Baja Ron swaybar (oh my gosh, did that sound like a commercial or what???)

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    Posted by Steve Miller on 2023 Jun 9th

    My kids got it for my birthday and it makes a big difference in the way the bike handles in turns and behind trucks. It also doesn't move around as much in the wind. lane changing is much better. I highly recommend it.

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    Baja ron's swaybar

    Posted by M. Schultz on 2023 Apr 22nd

    Increase stability on curves Better ride Only a slight improvement on crosswind

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    Baja Ron Sway Bar

    Posted by Greg on 2023 Apr 2nd

    Be sure to read instructions as video is not all inclusive. The install was not an issue. Just make sure you have recommended clearance to get old one out and new one in. I installed on my 2014 Spyder RT L and the improved ride is incredible. The bikes steering is tighter, wind gusts from big trucks on highway does not blow the bike off track as before. I believe every Spyder should have one. We do a lot of local and trips away and the bike performs much better. You will not regret having the BAJA Ron swaybar installed.

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    Baja Swaybar

    Posted by Mantaray23 on 2023 Mar 22nd

    had this installed as i wanted to feel safer in high speed turns on the road. A smoother overall feel of control on curves. This proved to be a great safety option i wanted and would recommend it to all Spyder.

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    Baja Ron sway bar

    Posted by Bruce Costick on 2023 Jan 24th

    Hardest part was keeping track of all the various “plastic” plates, and covers. Very “tight” torquing the link bolts. Need 1/4” (?) drive. Aside from those issues I am very pleased with the “increased” feeling of stability, as hoped for, particularly at highway speeds.

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    Baja Ron's sway bar

    Posted by Timothy Freeze on 2023 Jan 13th

    Improves ride. Better sway bar than original. Easy install. Hardest part for me was finding a way to lift it high enough to install without having to buy any other tools/jacks. Definitely recommend!!

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    Baja Ron's Swaybar-RT

    Posted by Denis Viel on 2022 Dec 13th

    Incredible chance in the handling of the Spyder. Easier to manage corners and better stability on straight roads.