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Another high quality product, Baja Ron' swaybar !!

Does the front end of your Spyder dive or lean too much in turns?   Do you get pushed around in Crosswinds or when passing large trucks on the Interstate? Would you like to increase Stability, Traction, Steering Control and Handling?  Does the VSS system (Nanny) slow you down when you reasonably try to negotiate a turn on a winding country road? This Custom - High Performance Anti-Sway Bar will make a world of difference that you can feel right from the first ride, and every time you round a curve in the road, pass a big truck or ride in crosswinds. All without increasing ride height or giving your Spyder a harsh or stiff ride . 

The BajaRon Anti-Sway Bar does not affect ride stiffness or suspension height. DOES NOT affect Front End Alignment. There is no Drilling or modifications needed. Full Detailed Instructions included. Many Spyder Owners raise the Coil Spring setting on their Front Shocks hoping to reduce Body Lean, gain more steering control and improve stability. This approach will produce moderate results but also creates a stiffer, harsher ride. Stiffening the Coil Shock Springs to control Lean Angle is attacking the problem with the wrong tool. Though shocks are extremely important to a safe, comfortable and controlled ride, they cannot do the job of an Anti-Sway Bar. Installing the BajaRon Custom Anti-Sway Bar will GREATLY reduce Lean Angle without giving the rider a stiff, harsh or uncomfortable ride. Not only do you get better, more controlled handling, but fatigue is reduced and ride comfort is enhanced. 

Because a stiffer shock spring setting is no longer needed, many Spyder owners return their shock springs to the 2nd or 3rd detent after installing the Custom Performance bar resulting in a much smoother ride.





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    Baja Ron's Swaybar

    Posted by Luis M Gonzalez on 2022 Aug 13th

    makes a BIG difference on the handling.

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    Sway Bar changed the game!

    Posted by José Cruz Sr on 2022 Jun 20th

    Not an easy do-it-yourself project but worth the time it took to replace the original sway bar and replace it with a much thicker and stronger sway bar with links. Before I did the change my bike would sway crazily when trucks passed me going the opposite direction as well as passing me up going the same direction. I would fight the wind and lose the battle half the time, but after I did the replacement not so much anymore. A great deal more stable in handling and cornering. This is a product worth the price as it was a true game-changer for the ride.

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    Baja Ron Swaybar

    Posted by Juan Bailey on 2022 May 22nd

    I was amazed at how easy it was to install this sway bar. The hardest part of it was getting the Spyder jacked up high enough and then getting the Spyder stable in that position to get the old bar out. Once that was done and the old bar was out the new one went right in. On the test ride after I noticed the Spyder was quite a bit more stable.

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    Posted by Bennett Mark on 2022 Jan 21st

    I could feel an improvement over the OEM sway bar. The tapered spacers were a bit of a challenge to install. Definitely need a lift that will go high enough.

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    2014 Baja Ron Swaybar

    Posted by Bruce on 2022 Jan 17th

    Have not had an opportunity for a ride because of weather, however installation went smoothly!

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    Baja Ron sway bar

    Posted by Craig Lapp on 2021 Dec 25th

    One ride was all it took to know this is something special. With this sway bar I feel like I'm riding on rails. Corners better and don't get the drift when riding in the wind. Every Spyder should come with this factory installed.

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    Baja Ron's sway bar

    Posted by Randy Riehl on 2021 Dec 5th

    I've put one of his sway bars on every Spyder RT I've had, and the handling improved tremendously. I'd recommend it to anyone that purchases a Spyder.

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    Baja Ron Swaybar

    Posted by Richard Davidson on 2021 Nov 16th

    Put one on my 2019 Spyder RT Ltd. Great improvement in handling. Especially on curves or around big trucks. Wonder why they don't come that way from the factory. Highly recommend. Worth it.

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    Posted by Clark Scott on 2021 Oct 11th

    If you are buying a Spyder, add this to your list of must have items. With the factory swaybay, I felt quite a bit of wobble and instability in curves especially on and off ramps. After having this installed, I felt an immediate difference. The bike feels like it's grabbing the curves now. If you don't have one, get one NOW!