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Great comfort for a few dollars....fits all Can Am Spyder models and all years.

I never get tired of pointing out all the benefits of this inexpensive accessory. These foam grips will take away the vibration and will also help take away the dampness on really hot days. If you ride without gloves like Lidia and I you will enjoy not having the rubber from your grips transfer to your hands, getting sticky and dirty. We chose a smaller diameter/thickness so they would not feel oversized or hard to get smaller hands around them. Having just the right diameter is really important because it means that your forearm and bicep will not contract as much and releasing those muscles will make a difference on medium and long rides. There's a nice trick to putting these on, lube up the inside of the foam grip with Purel hand sanitizer as it will help slide on. Watch for an install video shortly in our install video section. 8591025.jpg



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    Foam gripsi

    Posted by Sandy on 2021 Aug 2nd

    For those of us with smaller hands they are great. The smaller/thinner grips work great with heated grips. Also they dry out faster so you are not holding on to the soggy grips for hours.

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    Foam Grips

    Posted by Greg Maddox on 2021 Jul 25th

    One of the cheapest accessories I’ve put on my spider that ranks up at the top for best usability and functionality!

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    Foam grips

    Posted by TimBob on 2021 Jul 24th

    Went on real easy with hand sanitizer; no more numbness in the thumb. Great product.

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    Foam Grips

    Posted by Gary Luepke on 2021 May 22nd

    I’ve been using foam grip covers on a number of different number of bikes, 2 and 3 wheels. They give a more open grip which for me greatly reduces finger and hand numbness. Heated bars work great with them too. Only downside is that they don’t last long. I suspect the sun weakens and hardens them and they crack and split. I replace mine about every 5k miles. Throttle side always goes first. Fortunately they are relatively inexpensive. Definately recommend.

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    Foam grips

    Posted by Carlton Van Horn on 2021 May 15th

    Pierre's Foam Grips for my 2019 Spyder RT LTD fit perfectly. Their thinner thickness fits my hand comfortably (7 inches from the tip of my middle finger to the first wrist crease). I tried a one from another cycle shop and found it to be "grabby" and a little to large.

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    Foam Grios

    Posted by Linda Parsons on 2021 Apr 6th

    Great, easier to grip

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    Foam Grips

    Posted by Richard Hicks on 2021 Mar 19th

    Never thought about these until Pierre did a you tube on them and I was sold

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    Foam Grips

    Posted by Jeff Denholm on 2021 Jan 29th

    Easy to install , but this the season for not riding!! Will review further in spring.

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    Handgrip foam

    Posted by Dennis on 2020 Dec 22nd

    Great product. Easy to install and feel much better than the original grips. Heater still working great.