RT series 2014 and up - Baja Ron Shock Adjusters kit for non ajustable shocks only

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I highly recommend reading everything on this description page. It will give you a solid understanding of what this product is, what it does, and what you can expect from it. There are 3 color choices, Red, Silver and Black (Black Not Pictured Yet). 

~ I am NOT offering a complete Shock Set in this eBay Listing. What is Offered is a Kit to convert your Front, Non-Adjustable, OEM Can-AM shocks so that Pre-Load to the coil springs can be adjusted to compensate for varying loads. Shocks Pictured are to show how this Shock Adjuster Kit looks when installed on the Shock. ~

You will receive 1 Set (2 Adjusters). Everything you need for both shocks.


You can order the BajaRon Custom Performance Shock Adjuster Kit (With) or (Without) my custom Spring Compressor Tool. The Compressor Tool is explained in detail below. The Spring Compressor Tool can be returned for a refund.

No Shocks Are Included in this listing


Shock Adjusters come in 3 Colors - Your Choice - Red, Silver or Black(Black Set Installed on a Shock Not Shown)

Note! If you are going to install this Shock Adjuster Kit yourself. I highly recommend adding my custom Shock Spring Compressor Tool to your order. The tool is $45.00. You can keep the tool or return it for a $40.00 refund.

- BajaRon's Custom Spring Compressor Tool - 

If you are going to do this install yourself (very doable if you are handy with tools) You will need a Spring Compressor Tool. I tested a number of spring compressor tools in my search for a reasonably priced, off the shelf spring compressor. I found that all spring compressors, in a price range below $100+, fell into 2 categories. If the hooks fit between the spring coils, the tool itself was way too weak and would begin to distort long before reaching the point needed to complete the install. Or, if the tool itself were strong enough to do the job, the hooks were much too large to fit between the spring coils. So I purchased a large number of the heavy duty spring compressor tools and had custom hooks made for them. The result is a custom made spring compressor tool set, specifically designed for this install. It makes the job much easier.


Includes Everything Needed for Installation BajaRon's New

Can-Am Spyder Custom Performance Front Shock Spring Pre-Load Adjuster Kit

For 2014-2022 Can-Am Spyder RT (All Models) With Non-AdjustableFront Shocks

Shock Adjusters come in 3 Colors - Your Choice - Red, Silver or Black (Black not pictured)


Will NOT fit any 2008-2013 Can-Am Spyder Models Will Not Fit any Non-RT model Spyder

(See my other listings for Shock Adjuster Kits for other model Can-Am Spyder Models)

The Can-Am Spyder is an awesome machine! BRP has made a great number of improvements to the Spyder since the original 2008 model were released. But there are still some important areas where handling on your 2014-2020 RT can be significantly improved.

The first weakness that should be addressed is the Sway Bar. Installing one of my BajaRon Custom Performance Sway Bar Upgrades will reduce lean and dive in corners, moving around in cross winds and when passing large trucks. It will give you greater stability and control. Especially if you are riding 2 up and or towing a trailer.

Once the weak sway bar issue is addressed. You may find that you need to look at the shocks. BRP has been steadily improving the stock, OEM, Non-Adjustable Can-Am Shocks. And beginning in the 2014 model year, they are now pretty good hydraulically. The one thing they lack is adjustablity. If you measure from the bottom of the nose of your Spyder to the ground, unloaded. You should get a reading in the neighborhood of 5". This is not a great deal of ground clearance. But is sufficient for most situations.

But when you load your 2014-2022 Can-Am Spyder RT with luggage and 2 riders. Ground clearance can be reduced by as much as 2" or more! This loss of ground clearance may cause the front of your Spyder to hit the ground on speed bumps, steep driveway approaches, pot holes, etc. Not to mention excessive lean and dive when braking into turns.

While the BajaRon Sway Bar Upgrade makes a great deal of difference. A sway bar can do only so much. The shocks are also an integral part of the handling and control equation. All you need to do is add adjustablity to your stock shocks so that they can adequately manage the additional weight. 

The BajaRon Custom Performance Shock Adjusters allow you to maintain your original ride height regardless of loading. While at the same time, improving stability when braking or in turns.

With the BajaRon Custom Performance Shock Adjusters installed, you will be able to adjust for any loading situation. More spring Pre-Load when loaded. Less spring Pre-Load when riding light.

Handling will improve, you will maintain proper front end alignment, less lean and dive, virtually eliminate ground strikes due to a collapsed and very low ride height, and you will enjoy the ride much more.

Does the front end of your Spyder dive or lean  too much in turns?

Does it feel like your Spyder is trying to throw you off or is going to tip over?

Do you get pushed around in Crosswinds or when passing large trucks on the Interstate?

Would you like to increase Stability,  Traction, Steering Control and Handling? 

Does  the VSS system (Nanny) slow you down or interfere when you try to negotiate  a turn on a winding country road?

If you have already installed the BajaRon Custom Performance Sway Bar. And you need additional, adjustable lean, dive and height adjustment. This Shock Adjuster Kit will make a world of difference that you can feel right away.

After installation, you can experiment with the front shock Pre-Load adjustment to find your 'Sweet Spot'

Shock Adjusters come in 3 Colors - Your Choice - Red, Silver or Black (Black not pictured)



The Original, Stock Shock on the 2014-2022 Can-Am Spyder RT is a pretty decent shock hydraulically. The problem is, there is no Shock Spring Pre-Load adjustment. No matter how you load your RT. You get the same amount of front spring support. What you need is to be able to increase support when loaded. And decrease support when lightly loaded.

The BajaRon Custom Performance Shock Adjuster Kit makes it easy to adjust to vehicle loading. Without the expense of purchasing aftermarket Shocks which offer adjustability.

I highly recommend installing the BajaRon Custom Performance Sway Bar before, or with this Shock Adjuster Kit. Of the 2 components, the sway bar is, by far, the weaker item.

BajaRon Custom Performance Sway Bar Kits are available for every Spyder and Ryker, Year and Model, in my other eBay listings.

There is no Drilling or modifications needed

No Special Tools Needed (for the sway bar install - A spring compressor tool is needed for the Shock Adjuster kit install)

Full, Detailed Instructions included

Note! If you are going to install this Shock Adjuster Kit yourself. I highly recommend adding my custom Shock Spring Compressor Tool. The tool is $45.00. You can keep the tool or return it for a $40.00 refund. Please ask me if you have any questions.