Show Chrome - RTLTD 2020 and up & F3LTD 2020 and up - Rear Trunk Shock

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Rear Trunk Shock - RTLTD 2020 and up & F3LTD 2020 and up 

When you open the trunk lid, it should stay open until you want to close it. The OEM trunk shock is not strong enough to support additional weight, so the lid falls if the rider has installed a trunk rack or other accessory. Show Chrome® solved this problem with a stronger shock that keeps the trunk lid ajar with 30.9 lbs. (14 kg) of resistance. Easy install with no drilling required using OEM hardware. 



  • 5
    Heavy duty trunk shock

    Posted by Allan Stokes on 2023 Nov 17th

    Easy to install. Works as advertised

  • 5
    So easy and so worth the money

    Posted by Candace L Zebrowski on 2023 Oct 23rd

    Works great to keep the trunk lid up and not crash on your fingers or head

  • 5
    trunk shock

    Posted by dave on 2023 Oct 13th

    fixed my droopy trunk

  • 5
    Best ever

    Posted by Donald Miller on 2023 Oct 8th

    This Rear Trunk Shock works every time the trunk always stayed open . The standard Trunk Shock was a joke Buy you well never regret

  • 5
    Rear trunk shock

    Posted by Larry Geier on 2023 Oct 3rd

    I purchased the new version of the rear trunk shock. It now works 100% lid stays up even if it’s windy outside. Thanks so much .

  • 5
    Top rear compartment shock

    Posted by Jeffrey Cutler on 2023 Aug 26th

    This shock works great. E en with a .etal rack on the top the top stays open. Much better than. Original shock.

  • 5
    Rear Trunk Shock - F3LTD

    Posted by David Schulz on 2023 Jul 28th

    This shock actually holds up the trunk lid with a back mounted on top. It works great. The only minor drawback is that it doesn't lift as far up as the stock shock does. The stock unit is what I would consider a clearly defective design. Shame on Can-Am for that kind of shoddy design on such an expensive machine.

  • 5
    Excellent replacement for the wimpy original.

    Posted by lanny field on 2023 Jul 15th

    I have a heavy chrome spider luggage rack on top of my trunk & I have to hold it up by hand to get anything out! Not anymore! 15 minutes & your done! Another great product from Pierre! Thank you so much!