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Finally the perfect solution to your Spyder Key problem, the key holder that is trendy, stylish, practical and durable !! We have been working on the perfect design for little over 3 month to come up with something that would be worthy of a 30,000$ machine. NOT PLASTIC......It's made from an aluminium billet and it's CNC machined to perfection. This is a high end piece of jewelry type key holder. It's extra light and comes in different colors so you can match your Spyder or just pick a favorite color. All key holders have been iodized for long lasting protection.

Give as a gift for fathers day, mothers day, holiday season or just cause you want to say something nice to your better half.

Comes with the little bolts and allen key. (Also getting a free lanyard)

If it's a tight fit.... simply push the back end into the housing first, then the neck of the key and push down, if it goes then great, if not push a little more and then remove your key, where the 2 marks that are left behind are just use a utility knife and make small notch on each side like in these pictures.





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    Spyder Key Holder

    Posted by Bpb on 2022 Mar 27th


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    Spyder key case

    Posted by Jim Merrill on 2021 Nov 17th

    The case fits the key perfectly. Now I can hang it on the keyboard and not half to keep looking for it.

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    Posted by Don Duckett on 2021 Sep 17th

    Quality product and timely delivery.

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    Key holder

    Posted by Sandy on 2021 Aug 2nd

    Love the color. With the cover, you can attach the key anything

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    spyder key holder

    Posted by Stewart Goodfellow on 2021 Jun 19th

    a tad on the expensive side but a nice addition to the bike. cheers. would recommend.

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    Key Holder

    Posted by Pam Baker on 2021 Jun 14th

    I really like my blue key holder. Matches the gas cap bling and tank pad on my F3. Comes with the lanyard which is very handy.

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    Spyder key holder

    Posted by Card Marion on 2021 Jun 12th

    Great item to be able to have a ring attached to your key for hanging on your belt of hook. So much easier to not loose your key.

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    Posted by Smith Julia on 2021 May 22nd

    This was a great improvement over the original. I love the spiders on both sides. Where the original only had one side.

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    Key holder

    Posted by Karl Savoie on 2021 May 12th

    Key holder is great and well built. Only problem I have is that the shipping is real high.