Carbon Fibre "Spyder Ryder" Urethane LARGE letters

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"Spyder Ryder" carbon fibre acrylic letters. We really like this piece of bling, you can put them pretty much anywhere on your Spyder or trailer, we are very happy with the result, hope you like it !! Covers about 12x1 inches.

We've been working on this for a few months now, trying to come up with something new and never seen before for the Can-Am RT series. I believe we've been able to do that. This is our new line up of CASA trims and letters made from chromed acrylic and carbon fibre with urethane doming. We're taking something from the automobile world and bringing to our beloved machines. 3M tape will keep it secure. A nice inexpensive touch of "Bling". 

This is car quality product, it will never change color or fade with the sun!