Combo Universal trailer pole extension and cooler rack - fits all 2" square poles

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Amazing combo deal....

We got so many request this past riding season at the Spyder shop for a cooler rack that we decided to make one. We decided to make something that would last for a long long time, made from 3/16 thick steel, sandblasted and powder coated for ultimate protection. You have dozens of places to attach your bungees cords to secure your cooler. The inside of the rack gives you space for a 13x21 inches cooler. The brackets to secure the rack to the pole are also ajustable so if your pole is 2 1/2 inches square instead of 2" it will still fit. We made lots of openings so rain would have a place to escape. If you're worried about the weight of a rack and cooler on your trailer hitch, just know that you can simply adjust the weight distribution in the trailer to lighten the load and stress on the hitch...nothing to it. Any questions.... just call us or email. 450-586-9608  or  [email protected] In one of our pictures, you can see Lidia standing on top of the rack to show the strength of it, we also sell a trailer pole extension if you need it, check out our special combo pricing.

So many riders i talk too wish that their trailer pole would be longer so backing up would be so much easier and they would then be able to use the extra length to had a cooler rack, bike stand or an extra fuel canister, it could even be an extra tire.... We go on long road trips and many of those items are a welcome addition, now we have the room to add what we want. We work hard on giving you a turn key project so you don't have to worry about finding the materials, the welder and paint shop to get this done. Everything is already pre-drilled for you.


You will love the benefits of this accessory and the fact that you will get this done in about 30 minutes. Made tough to last, i'm not allowed to say how is Lidia's weight is, but you can see her stand on top of our extension pole, speaks volume about how sturdy it is... The trailer hitches we sell and the cooler rack are of high quality materials..... Spyder Shop approved !!!  This adds 18 inches in total length. We did sandblast our parts before going with a semi-gloss black powder coat paint.