Dual USB Charger RT Series 2010-19/ST Series 2013-16 (Blue LED)

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Dual USB Charger for RT 2010-2019 and ST 2013-2016 (Blue LED)

This is a nice alternative to getting all your electronics charged while riding. It's a perfect fit in one of those available slots just beneath the steering wheel. Install in about 45 minutes if you take your time, you can actually just use the wiring behind the dashboard. Not recommended for a direct battery hook up because with the LED light always on it will bring down the battery. You're better off with the power coming on with a key activate power source. 


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    Read this tip first

    Posted by Jim mccabe on 2023 Feb 23rd

    We mounted it in the center of the console install was easy. We were on a trip and We turned the handlebar hard right to lock it. We left USB cord in the charger and it broke. Great product just wanted others to know about this potential issue.

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    Usb charger

    Posted by Robert Lloyd on 2022 Jan 24th

    Excellent product Excellent service Excellent delivery

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    Worked great

    Posted by Candace L Krefft on 2022 Jan 14th

    My old one had fallen out. There was no problems installing this.

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    Dual USB charger

    Posted by Michael Deimling on 2021 Oct 29th

    Works great, easy to install after watching the video, really happy with this!

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    Usb connector

    Posted by Marc berger on 2021 Oct 18th

    With the video it was an easy install Everything works properly

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    Great Product

    Posted by Terrence Poia on 2021 Sep 18th

    Great product easy install works perfectly

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    Dual USB charger

    Posted by Andreas Munsey on 2021 Aug 19th

    Fairly easy install - works and looks like an OEM accessory. Should be a stock feature on all Spyders, so this is a must-have in my book.

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    Dual USB Charger

    Posted by Linda Parsons on 2021 Apr 6th

    Love these! Have a 6ft for my phone while riding in the back and a 1 ft to charge drivers phone while in the phone holder

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    Dual USB Charger for Spyder RT Limited

    Posted by Rebel D Thompson on 2021 Apr 4th

    Followed video installations instructions to the letter, which made this a very doable self-installation product. The only thing I would recommend is getting rid of those cheap wire splices and replacing with Posi-Tap connectors. Overall, great product, using it daily to charge my iPhone, listen to my music and get GPS directions.