F3 Riders Aluminium Floorboards (Special F3 Edition) Works with Manual Shift - Rhino Lining

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F3 Riders Aluminium Floorboards  (Special F3 Edition) Works with Manual Shift - Rhino Lining (fits only with stock pegs)

These F3 Floorboards are made from a 1/4 inch aluminium and are coated with Rhino Lining for durability and a nice finish look. We gave them an update and laser cut out our F3 and spider logo.

Install takes about 10 minutes and bolts on to the original small pegs.



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    F3 floorboards

    Posted by Kim Sowers on 2023 Oct 10th

    These floorboards are perfect for providing more comfortable foot placement while still maintaining the sportier, sleaker look of the F3.

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    Aluminum Floorboards

    Posted by Rashee Peterson on 2023 Aug 21st

    Thet look great, feel great, and perform great!

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    Foot rest

    Posted by Pieters Frank on 2023 Jun 11th

    Very easy install...great ride

  • 5
    Floor boards F3S

    Posted by Ivanita Willimas on 2023 Jun 3rd

    Well I have to say the look amazing on my bike and I would be ready to ride, I would recommend these floor boards to my sisters as well I can’t wait for them to see them.

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    F3 aluminum floorboards

    Posted by Don Lalka on 2023 May 31st

    One of the best investments I've made to my F3T. They are large enough to move my feet around some and they look great.

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    One of the best decisions I’ve made for comfort

    Posted by John McMahon on 2023 Apr 30th

    I can’t say anything but great things about this floorboard. I was debating whether or not to go with the shorter one or the full length one. I am very happy with the shorter one because I don’t think I would really use the longer ones. It was very easy to install. After riding about 600 miles with them, I am even more pleased.

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    Posted by Joseph c LaPlaca on 2022 Dec 24th

    I'm sorry this wasn't the first accessory I purchased. Gives you a choice of foot positions.

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    F3 Riders Aluminium Floorboards (Special F3 Edition) Works with Manual Shift - Rhino Lining

    Posted by Kerri on 2022 Dec 11th

    New to the Spyder family. It was recommended for comfort to swap to floorboards and it only took one ride to agree. I like the aesthetic of these floorbaords for my 2022 F3-T Spyder. They were easy to install. Highly recommended. And I also swamped the passengers pegs to floorboards as well.

  • 5

    Posted by Angela on 2022 Nov 21st

    Love them…