F3 Series Can Am Spyder LED FOG LIGHTS - 2015-2020

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We've got FOG LIGHTS for the F3 series!!

Can Am Spyder Accessories is happy to bring you the best FOG LIGHTS for your Can Am Spyders. Backed by our lifetime warranty, yep you read that right, we're so convince that this will be the last time you invest in FOG LIGHTS with us that if for any reason this kit burns out, we will simply replace it, now that's standing behind your product. It is now easier than ever to afford LED lights for your Can Am Spyder. Our LED lights for Can Am Spyder give it that added performance look, bundled with increased safety. We offer the highest quality longest lasting and brightest LED bulb on the market.

Don't be fooled by sellers offering LED bulbs with a braided heat sink. A quality waterproof fan and electronic thermal management system are an absolute must for long life and high performance. Once a braided heat sink gets to hot in a closed off headlight how does it cool down? Simple..it WON'T. Choose the best. Trust Can Am Spyder Accessories for the highest quality LED lights for your Can Am Spyder and Ryker!

- 6000K

- 8400 Lumen per set

- 30 watt draw per bulb

- Ip68 rated

- Aircraft grade aluminum body

- 6 LED chips

- LIFETIME warranty