RT 2010-2019 - Can Am Spyder LED FOG LIGHTS

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We've got FOG LIGHTS for the RT series!!

Can Am Spyder Accessories is happy to bring you the best FOG LIGHTS for your Can Am Spyders. It is now easier than ever to afford LED lights for your Can Am Spyder. Our LED lights for Can Am Spyder give it that added performance look, bundled with increased safety. We offer the highest quality longest lasting and brightest LED bulb on the market.

Don't be fooled by sellers offering LED bulbs with a braided heat sink. A quality waterproof fan and electronic thermal management system are an absolute must for long life and high performance. Once a braided heat sink gets to hot in a closed off headlight how does it cool down? Simple..it WON'T. Choose the best. Trust Can Am Spyder Accessories for the highest quality LED lights for your Can Am Spyder !

- 6000K

- 8400 Lumen per set

- 30 watt draw per bulb

- Ip68 rated

- Aircraft grade aluminum body

- 6 LED chips

- LIMITED warranty


  • 5
    Fog Lights

    Posted by Craig Adams on 2022 Dec 20th

    Love them. A great and smart improvement from the original lights.

  • 5
    LED foglights

    Posted by Larry Shinn on 2022 Dec 11th

    The product is good and fits well.

  • 5
    LED fog lights for 2014 RTS

    Posted by Bruce on 2022 Nov 6th

    Pierre, I have not installed them yet, however I’ve always received great service from you and your products, and totally expect that these will be be no different.

  • 5
    Light bulbs

    Posted by Paul Gordon on 2022 Jul 29th

    Just replaced my fog light bulbs at the same time I did my headlight bulbs. A lot brighter and a good match when you do the headlights at the same time

  • 5
    Fog light replaced

    Posted by Paul Gordon on 2022 Jun 1st

    I replaced my fog light at the same time I did my headlights . Wow what a difference . It does take time to Do but take ur time you can get it done .

  • 5
    RT LED Fog Light replacement

    Posted by Alex on 2022 Feb 26th

    Waiting for warmer weather here in Canada to install, expect to have to take extra time so as not to break the panels but as others have said it not to difficult. Highly recommend

  • 5
    Spyder LED foglights

    Posted by Dewman on 2021 Dec 21st

    Headlights were so great had to match them up with the fog lights. Wife's spyder is much more visible to others now.

  • 5
    Fog lights

    Posted by Keith Hamilton on 2021 Nov 28th

    I decided to replace these at the same time as the headlights. One side is very easy, the other takes a bit of work, luck, and patience. I love the results though.

  • 5
    Fog lights

    Posted by Troy Klassen on 2021 Oct 25th

    3 times as bright and work flawlessly good product