F3 Spyder Chrome/Carbon Fibre Wheel Trims #601 (24 pcs)

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Here's another new product !!  F3 Spyder Chrome/Carbon fibre wheel trims (24pcs set).

Will do both front wheels.

The chrome and carbon fibre accent trims are now finding their ways to the F3 series, Oh Yeah !!  Coming up with cool things that will showcase the beauty of the F3 has been a work in progress, taking the time to talk to the Spyder community and getting a feel and an appreciation fo this new machine. We try really hard not to get to excited when we get an idea, we slow it down and talk it over with our trusted friends who have a variety of backgrounds, work and riding experience. They help us to get a clear vision  of what needs to get done. 

These beautiful wheel trims will add some style and bling, not to much but just a touch of class. They will also protect your mag wheels from scratches that end up costly to repair. Laser cut to perfection, first install the chrome piece and then the carbon fibre insert. Takes minutes to install and will last the lifetime of your Spyder.