Halo Wheelz - Fits RT Series 2014 and up & F3 Series 2015 and up

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Amazing look combine with great visibility and security !!!

Welded steel wheel rings & powder coated Matte Black. Two rows of 8+ color LED lights w/ remote.  LED lights should last 50,000 hours and  lighting warranty is 2 years from date of purchase.

The lights have 2 waterproof coatings to prevent water from reaching them and a Automotive grade 3M adhesive back + 3 zip ties for extra protection.
The metal bracket that the lights mount to are made of steel and have a powder coating to prevent rusting. They are welded together not pop riveted.

The lights will automatically turn on with your ignition key on the same color you last used them.
You can turn off and on using the remote that is included.

If you currently have a Multicolor LED Halo Skid? This item works in concert.

The install is very easy. All plug n play.

Kit consists: one setup for each front wheel pre-installed LED and all the wiring components are plug n play.


RT 2014 AND UP

F3 2015 AND UP