Pedal Box For the Can Am Spyder Bluetooth (1330 Engines) Will NOT Fit Spyder 2024

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PedalBox® for the Can Am® Spyder Bluetooth (1330 engines) Will NOT Fit Spyder 2024

  • Bluetooth
  • +10% Better Acceleration
  • 4 programs to optimize the accelerator pedal characteristic
  • More than 20 different settings available
  • Incl. Memory function, saves the last selected setting
  • Perfec-Tune feature for individual custom tuning of your vehicle


  • 4 programs (Sport, Sport+, City, Stock)
  • Easy install- works on all Can Am Spyders with the 1330 engines
  • The PedalBox is weather and water resistant. All of our boards are sealed with an epoxy solution, along with weather proof seals when snapped closed.


How does the PedalBox work?

 These days, most vehicles are "Drive-by-Wire" (called ECT or ECM), and not cable driven like the old days (called the Bowden cable). The modern systems typically suffer from excessive signal delay, which is where the PedalBox steps in and is able to unlock the vehicle's full potential. What exactly does the PedalBox offer? The "Throttle Response" curve shows the speed at which an engine responds to the driver's pressing of the accelerator. Poor response is clearly evident, especially under hard acceleration.