RT 2010-2019 - 3D printed rear trunk holder

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We all have that same problem at one time, we just needed the solution !!

Someone needs to come up with a solution to the cylinder that often fails at its job...Sometimes because it's got a few years of wear and/or because we over worked it. If you own a luggage rack you know what i'm talking about...With the heavy load of the luggage, you always need to hold it up when using the rear trunk, it will fall on you otherwise. If you have an older Spyder model, chances are that the cylinder is shot...tired....

This simple but effective design makes things so much easier and safer, once installed, open up your trunk lid and it will just stay open, to close simply lift lid a bit and push the rear trunk holder on the PUSH button to allow lid to close.

This will be a very economical solution for you and I bet for your friends, we all know someone with this issue. Installation will take you just a minute and will last the Spyder's life time.


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    Rear Trunk Holder

    Posted by George Johnson on 2022 Apr 29th

    Very easy to install and works very well.

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    Posted by william Weston on 2022 Apr 5th

    Nicely done holds up the trunk even when I have my grab bag on it . it was such a pain to keep it open while I had to get in the trunk I just have to remember not to jus push down when I close it I have to lift and shut!! good stuff !!!

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    3D Printed Rear Trunk holder

    Posted by UCWright on 2022 Apr 5th

    Easy installation. Works as described. Place a barrier between the the screw/nut and trunk opening.

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    Works great!

    Posted by Darryl Fitzgerald on 2022 Mar 29th

    Quick and easy fix for a common problem. 2 min install, well worth the money.

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    3D printed rear trunk holder

    Posted by Ron Ferraro on 2022 Mar 25th

    Very easy to install and works great

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    Great Addition

    Posted by Scott Wells on 2022 Feb 7th

    This is a great addition to hold the trunk open. I used a silver marker to highlight the word push because I kept forgetting to push it. It works great to keep the trunk open especially when the wind is blowing.

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    RT series 2010-2019 - 3D printed rear trunk holder

    Posted by Russell HArt II on 2021 Dec 20th

    This is a wonderful product, I rally like that I don't have to prop something up, or use my shoulder to keep the trunk open.

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    Rear trunk holder

    Posted by John Anderson on 2021 Dec 6th

    Easy installation. Works as designed.

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    3D Printed Rear Trunk Holder

    Posted by Jerome Hobbs on 2021 Nov 25th

    Very simple product that works well. Holding screw is longer than it should be.