RT 2010-2019 - Emblem Set For Spyder (5 PCS) - Color Options

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Spyder 5PCS Custom Emblem Set by Can Am Spyder Accessories

Here our Can Am Spyder Accessories emblem replacement set for the 2010-2019 RT series. This emblem set comes with a choice of over 20 colors making it really easy to personalized your Spyder. The base color for the background is always a glossy black.

We did not just put a spider on the emblem, we designed our own spider with style and so much detail that it sets it apart from all others, something that you can be proud to have on your Spyder.


If you're unfamiliar with our Can Am Spyder Accessories products, these aren't cheap vinyl decals, this material is thick and plyable and is coated with a domed polyurethane to protect against the elements. Our competition DOES NOT USE polyurethane, they use epoxy which will eventually turn pink or yellow. We offer a lifetime warranty on this product, we know that we simply offer the best value and quality, no doubt about that. We use 3M VHB adhesive tape to keep the emblems securely in place once installed.

Your new emblem kit will replace the factory BRP emblems that came equipped on your Spyder. Such as your front emblem, rear emblem, dash emblem & 2 front wheel emblems.  

Included with the kit       

  • (2)  Front Decal & Rear Decal 
  • (2)  Decals for both front Wheels
  • (1)  Center Dash Decal

Preparing your surface is really easy, once you have removed your BRP emblem, just use some rubbing alcohol on a micro-fibre rag and clean the surface making sure to remove all left over residue. Centre the spider emblem the best you can, I recommend using a small flat head screwdriver, it makes placing the spider really easy especially for the small one covering the dash emblem.