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Baja Ron
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If you are going to install this Shock Adjuster Kit yourself. I highly recommend adding my custom Shock Spring Compressor Tool. The tool is $50.00. You can keep the tool or return it for a $40.00 refund. Please ask me if you have any questions.

If you are going to do this install yourself (very doable if you are handy with tools) You will need a Spring Compressor Tool. I tested a number of spring compressor tools in my search for a reasonably priced, off the shelf spring compressor. I found that all spring compressors, in a price range below $100+, fell into 2 categories. If the hooks fit between the spring coils, the tool itself was way too weak and would begin to distort long before reaching the point needed to complete the install. Or, if the tool itself were strong enough to do the job, the hooks were much too large to fit between the spring coils. So I purchased a large number of the heavy duty spring compressor tools and had custom hooks made for them. The result is a custom made spring compressor tool set, specifically designed for this install. It makes the job much easier.


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    Spring Compressor Tool

    Posted by Richard Leffler on 2023 Oct 8th

    I had no problem removing all three springs from our 2014 RT with this tool. I even added a 1/8" spacer to the rear shock with no problem. Keep it lubed and secure the threaded end with a cresent wrench and no problems. Thanks for another great order CASA.

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    Spring Comprossor

    Posted by Pooch on 2022 Mar 28th

    Works just as described good design to get the job done