Show Chrome - RT 2010-2019 - Rear Trunk Shock

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Show Chrome - RT 2010-2019 - Rear Trunk Shock

We know how frustrating a weak trunk shock can be for your 2010-2019 Spyder RT Limited. Upgrade with Show Chrome's Trunk Shock. Offering 30 lbs (14 kg) of American engineered support, it ensures your trunk stays open when you want it to—without any hassle during installation.

Have you been irritated when the trunk on your 2010-2019 Can-Am Spyder RT Limited closes unexpectedly because the OEM trunk shock just isn’t up to the task? We hear you. That's why we developed the 41-267 Trunk Shock, designed to support over 30 lbs (14 kg) of additional weight.

No more worrying about those extra accessories or gear you like to take along for the ride. Installation is quick and simple, with zero drilling. It's the perfect fit to replace your weak OEM shock.