Show Chrome - RT 2020 and up - Full Size Brake Pedal

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RT 2020 and up - Full Size Brake Pedal

Show Chrome improves safety with another must have accessory for the Can-Am Spyder RT 2020 and newer. Show Chrome new Full Width Brake Pedal replaces the OEM brake pedal cover with a larger 3’’ tall by 4 3/8’’ wide pedal cover. It mounts the same as the existing OEM brake pedal cover, with a rust proof steel channel reinforcing the high-density rubber pad. This nearly 50% wider brake pedal cover allows a more comfortable use of the brake pedal without your foot constantly falling off, and the unique design complements the Spyder RT styling.

Fits Can-Am Spyder RT 2020 and newer models.



  • 5
    Full size brake pedal

    Posted by Greg Warner on 2024 Jan 13th

    Super easy to install. Looks great. A much better and safer feel when you use the brake pedal.

  • 5
    1st of all, i think it is a ripe off, why would you put a 1/2 peddle on the bike in the first place. Of course the bigger pedal is safer

    Posted by Ronald on 2023 Jul 23rd

    The big pedal, should come with thebike, when you buy it.

  • 5
    Brake pedal

    Posted by Sig Cantu on 2023 Jan 23rd

    Great quality. The width is a big improvement over the stock pedal.

  • 5
    Full size brake pedal RT 2020 and up

    Posted by Gary Stewart on 2022 Dec 27th

    Super easy to install. Makes it that little bit easier to find the brake. Excellent!

  • 5
    Full size brake pedal.

    Posted by Stephen Lomas on 2022 Nov 30th

    Easy install. Amazing what a small change can make to comfort level. Highly recommend.

  • 5
    RT2020 Full Size Brake Pad

    Posted by Dennis Bledsoe on 2022 Jan 22nd

    Service is fantastic, Brake is a great advantage over stock one.My 2022 hasn't arrived But I am ready when it gets here. I had one on the 2014 and it worked great, that why I purchased this even before I got the Spyder.

  • 5
    Full size brake pedal

    Posted by Ken L on 2021 Oct 11th

    The extra width of this brake pedal over the standard small pedal is night and day for comfort and safety. My foot now covers so much more of the pedal and no slipping off. With no hand brake levers, it is all one foot doing the stopping and now it is safer and more solid. A breeze to change with a socket and ratchet. Why isn't this standard from BRP?

  • 5
    Much better than the original!

    Posted by Glen Poulin on 2021 Sep 7th

    This full size brake pedal looks better, and is safer than the original. It's solid heavy duty. My foot never slips off anymore. It also fills in the larger opening due to the raised floorboards that I installed. And it fits perfect on my raised brake pedal.