Show Chrome - RT LTD 2020 and up/F3 LTD 2018 and up - Rear Trunk Plug&Play Sequential LED light

Show Chrome
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RT LTD 2020 and up/F3 LTD 2018 and up - Rear Trunk Plug&Play Sequential LED light

Simply put, this is the best accessory to hit the Spyder world.... Ever!!!

With over 2 years in research and development at the Show Chrome headquarters in Rice Lake Wisconsin, nothing was left to chance with this ground-breaking LED lights system for the 2020 and up RT series Can Am Spyder top case. With LED lights that bring visibility and safety to a place that was in much need of it, Show Chrome made sure that all 3 functions were available meaning that you get running lights, brake lights and sequential turn signals and all of that with styling to die for !! (This will also fit the F3 LTD series top case)

And amazing job by the whole R&D team to overcome some serious challenges. Getting lights that wrap the left and right corners of that top case is an achievement that no one in the accessory business as done before. Another detail is that all lights including the turn signals live "ON" which required an engineering masterpiece to be done to that circuit board to make that happen. The spacing, the design, the thickness of the lights to keep things stylish and functional, it is a work of art!! 

Let me be clear, All RT series Spyders 2020 and up and F3 series Spyders with a top case NEEDS this light kit, this is the additional visibility and safety you were looking and waiting for !