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Another exclusive product from Can Am Spyder Accessories - Billet aluminium brake pedal with Rhino Lining coating !!

Style, comfort and safety.

Fits F3 series all years

We have 4 models available. Let me start off by thanking my good friend Bill Bodah from Web-Boards who has allowed me to produce a line-up of brake pedals inspired from products that he made...The medallion and oval brake pedals were originally made by Bill Bodah. We put a little spin on ours because Bill was an expert welder and his model showcased his skills. We do not have that expertise so we decided to make then from billet aluminium instead of steel. These are CNC lathed to perfection, we then take them to Rhino Lining to get them coated. 



  • 5
    Brake pedal

    Posted by Cliff Pica on 2021 Dec 13th

    I purchased floor boards for my F3. They are comfortable, but because the surface area is too small to get a good purchase on the pedal I felt I was losing braking power and feel. I kept putting my foot over the edge of the stock petal and pressing on the floor board. I replaced the pedal with this new one, about three times the surface area, and the problem was solved. The new pedal never comes close to the floor board and the additional leverage added has improved the feel and brought the power back to the original level.

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    Spyder F3 Brake Pedal

    Posted by Damon on 2021 Nov 8th

    Better than expected quality! Makes finding the brake a whole lot easier. Came in handy just the other day when I topped a hill and found a whole herd of deer standing across the entire roadway. Glad I had this, as I’d noticed it was easy to miss/slip by the stock brake pedal.

  • 5
    large F3 brake pedall

    Posted by Mark Gammell on 2020 Dec 26th

    After riding Harleys for years with a large brake pedal this is perfect. Never was comfortable with the small pedal on the Spyder. Much better now and feels better to me. This should be a factory part. Very happy with it.

  • 5
    Big Foot

    Posted by Christopher Demetre on 2020 Oct 19th

    Nice firm compliment to floor boards,definitely more confident braking.

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by TroyW on 2020 Jul 31st

    Hats off to the designers of this wider brake pedal that matches my new ultimate floor boards.

  • 5
    Well made classy

    Posted by Ron G Barsi on 2020 May 14th

    Excellent partner to the linex floorboards. Easy to install

  • 5
    New Brake Pedal

    Posted by Larry Barge on 2020 Jan 12th

    Love the size Looks great and was easy to install. It's a big difference over the OEM Pedal.