Stainless Steel Bolt with 1" RAM Mount Ball (All years - models except with Tri-Axis handlebars)

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One stainless steel bolt and one 1" RAM Mount Ball

This stainless steel bolt is to replace one of the 4 bolts that holds down the steering column.(All years - models except with Tri-Axis handlebars)

It’s made in one whole piece of stainless steel at a local CNC shop that specializes in custom one of a kind item. We started with an octogone stainless steel bar that's about 8 feet long, we then cut pieces and machined them to leave you with the 100 mm outer thread to screw in the bolt, the octogone 5/8 inch part the have grip and on top the 10 mm inside thread  so you can than attach a 10 millimetre 1.25 thread Ram mount ball to attach all your favourite accessories. From an X-Grip for cell phones and GPS or a wide range of drink holders, many available on this web site. 


  • 5
    RAM mount ball

    Posted by Michelle on 2021 Nov 6th

    Love this product. Easy to install and doesn’t block view of display screen.

  • 5
    Bolt with ram ball mount

    Posted by Bonnie Oswald on 2021 Oct 9th

    Works perfectly for my phone and drink holder

  • 5
    Ram mount bolt

    Posted by Rick on 2021 Aug 6th

    Works great and does not affect view of dash

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    Stainless ball mount

    Posted by Fern Moreau on 2021 Jun 25th

    Haven't received it yet, was ordered 10 days ago

  • 5
    Excellent easy-to-install product!

    Posted by John Britt on 2021 May 17th

    I’d seen this bolt last year on YouTube, and I was concerned that an iPhone mounted on the steering column would interfere with my view of the display panel. Consequently, I went with another setup that attached to my right handlebar. That turned out to be a mistake, because it positioned the iPhone too close to my face, and it was annoying. Remembering the Bolt, I went back and too another look at Pierre’s video, and ordered it with its attached mounting ball online. It was mailed out to me the following day, and arrived quite quickly. The hardest part of installation was getting the original bolt out; Can-Am used some serious Loctite on the original, and I used a breaker bar to loosen it. After that it was smooth sailing. I added a bit of blue Loctite when I tightened down the bolt, and I was done in 10-15 minutes tops. I can now assure you that you will have a full and uncluttered view of your instrument panel with an IPhone attached to the ball by an arm, and it’s sufficiently out of the way so that it’s not annoying. If you want a great mount for a phone or GPS unit, this is the best I’ve found

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    Stainless steel Bolt with 1" Ram Mount Ball

    Posted by [email protected] on 2021 May 9th

    was easy to install and the quality of the product was excellent. Is mounted on a 2013 ST .

  • 5
    1" Ram Mount

    Posted by Bj on 2021 Mar 14th

    Bought this for mounting my Garmin GPS , easy to install and allows for adequate clearance and viewing of GPS. Requires additional products for mounting electronic but highly recommended.

  • 5
    Exactly what I needed.

    Posted by Douglas Poling on 2021 Mar 13th

    I have RAM mounts on my other vehicles but needed to find a way to mount to my Spyder RT. This fits the bill perfectly without being as obtrusive as some other options I've seen.

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    Mount for my GPS on my Can Am Sypder RT Limited

    Posted by Kent McRae on 2021 Jan 11th

    This Stainless Steel Bolt and 1" Ram Mount Ball was perfect for my GPS installation. I only had to remove the one bolt and reinstall this Stainless Steel Bolt. Took only a matter of minutes.