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The big day is here !!

In this combo you get all 4 great products at an incredible price.

Wow !! What an amazing project for the Spyder Shop, the branding and the evolution of our little company has been quiet the adventure with so many accessories and many more to come.

We are extremely proud to present our own line up of cleaning and care products for your Can Am Spyders. We worked long and hard over the last year to identify what cleaning products would work best on our Spyders. Trial and error, some great Spyder friends testing in secret our products over the summer to help put together what we feel is the perfect recipe.

WIPE SHINE - 240ml - This is our star product, great on painted surfaces non porous plastics and also on your chrome parts. This special formula with sunscreen creates a hydrophobic finish with a deep shine while eliminating dirt, dust and bugs. Make sure to use this on your windshield to have a pearling action when in the rain. Leaves a clean finish without static electricity. 

SOAP SHINE - 240ml - This product includes enhanced surfactants and cleaning agents to create a great foaming action to hold dirt in suspension for a scratch free rinse. Great for the whole Spyder, painted panels, glass, chrome, rubber textured plastics and vinyl.

NATURAL SHINE - 240ml - This product includes high quality sun screen combined with a rich blend of natural moisturizers for suppleness and durability as well as a well balanced pH for you to use it as often as needed and not harm the leather. A beautiful matte shine without the greasy residue.

BLACK SHINE - 240ml - Every Can Am Spyder owners knows about this black textured panels that are hard to keep looking like new. We put together a product that will work on those panels as well as your tires. Brings a long lasting shine and care and prevent those black textured panels from aging. It will definitely restore shine and revitalize your textured trims. It offers resistance to multiple washings.