"The Spyder Shop" Train Horn For Spyder

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"The Spyder Shop" Train Horn For Spyder

Here our "loud" horn, a product that lets other drivers hear you. An essential product for road safety. Come with hardware.

Single Black - 150DB air horn with compressor - 12V 




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    This Horn is AWESOME

    Posted by Dj Statz on 2024 Mar 15th

    Fellow Spyder / Ryker Riders, this is the best horn LOUDEST for the Spyder & Ryker. Pierre is Awesome, he took the time and found the best locations where to install the horns on the different year Spyders & Rykers. Like Pierre says the loudness of the horn on video is different from you standing next to your Spyder & Ryker pressing the horn button. When you do, get ready, loud yes, HECK YEAH EXTREMELY LOUD, YES THIS HORN IS EXTREMELY LOUD AMD YOU WILL WHAT TO SAY H@&&Y SH![-], BUT DON'T SAY ANY BAD WORDS, THIS HORN IS LOUD. HECK I WANT TOO ADD ANOTHER ONE TO MY 2016 SPYDER RTS. I will by this same one for my Toyota Tundra BECAUSE IT IS EXTREMELY LOUD! Pierre set the price at a great deal. Buy one, heck buy a second one for your truck or car. Buy for the knuckle heads on the street when you got to tell them "Hey Knuckle Head" You know who I'm talking about!

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    The Spyder Shop Train Horn for Spyder

    Posted by Dj Statz on 2024 Mar 6th

    This is my 2nd Spyder Horn. My 1st one is on my Spyder, if there was room I would install this one too. The one on my Spyder is so "LOUD" WOW IT IS SO LOUD, ALL SPYDER OWNERS YOU NEED THIS ONE. This second one will be installed on my Toyota Tundra. Why this one is all mental and I know it is LOUD. You will not be disappointed!!!!!!! Pierre thanks forvan AWESOME LOUD HORN!!!!!!!