The Ultimate Mirror Stabilizers (2) - For All F3T/F3LTD & RT 2020 and up

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The Ultimate mirror stabilizers (Sold in a pair)

Once again "Can Am Spyder Accessories" brings you a product that's simply a must have for all F3T/F3LTD and RT Series 2020 and up Spyder owners. Driving down the road and you need to look in your mirrors only to have difficulty seeing because the shaking is so more !!! The ultimate mirror stabilizers will take care of that for you, installation is just minutes per side. Designed to perfection and 3D printed in plastic, you will love how easy you can fix this problem.


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    mirror stabilizers

    Posted by Dawn Schmidt on 2024 Apr 3rd

    UPDATE to previous review. CASA sent me a new pair of stabilizers FREE of charge and shipping, when I only needed left side! Thank you CASA. You’re my BEST go to place for products, excellent quality and customer service satisfaction.

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    Mirror Stabilizers

    Posted by Dawn Schmidt on 2024 Mar 9th

    These stabilizers are awesome. I would have given 5 stars, but for the fact, one of them (left side) the "round shaft" part broke off the main section that is inserted into the mirror receptacle. Don't know if it was a design flaw or not, whereas NO exerted force was applied while installing. I "gorilla" super glued it together, and continued with other installations. Im sure CASA will help me out with this. Whereas they are an INCREDIBLE company to work with and purchase from. Even though kind of "spendy" on certain items, the quality is worth it.

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    Mirror Stableizers

    Posted by Darryl Roach on 2022 Aug 13th

    Excellent Product

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    Ultimate mirror stabilizers

    Posted by Rob Landry on 2022 Apr 10th

    Works as advertised. Great video showing installation. Would have given 5 stars but pricey, then again can you put a price on safety?

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    Quick fix for vibration in mirror

    Posted by Randall Collins on 2021 Oct 25th

    If you have a vibration in your spider mirrors this will take care of it.

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    mirror stabilizers

    Posted by robert washburn on 2021 Aug 21st

    very useful and Pierre showed how to install with ease. much needed if you ever drive over 50 mph (although we shouldn't have had to purchase this set, if BRP had designed their mirrors better). I put them on in about 15 minutes and mirrors are stable at least to 80 mph. recommended to all f3 LTD riders

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    Very simple product that works great

    Posted by Dave on 2021 Aug 20th

    Installation is well explained in video. This is a very simple product that solves a serious problem with the Spyder. It is very strange that a well engineered vehicle like the Spyder could be delivered with mirrors that are unusable at speed.

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    Mirror stabilizers

    Posted by Anna Joudrey on 2021 Jul 10th

    They honestly make a huge difference

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    Mirror Stabilizers - advised product

    Posted by David Schulz on 2021 Jul 1st

    Great product, performs as advertised. Easy to install if you follow the video. Unbelievable that a well engineered bike like the Spyder should need this. The factory should have figured this out long ago. The mirrors without this modification are unusable at speed.