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WOW !!!  Another amazing product from Can Am Spyder Accessories - Move your 1000 lbs Spyder in your garage with precision and ease and do it all by yourself !!

We did it again, came out with something totally new to the Spyder Community, we cal them the Spyder Movers !!! This is a set of 3 platforms and 3 ramps to fit your Can Am Spyder wheels, simply drive your Spyder on the Spyder Movers and you're ready to place it where you want within an 1/4 inch precision, we're not joking !!!

Cut by lasers and made from 3/16 thick steel, sandblasted and powder coated for a durable and stylish finish, these Spyder movers will last a long long time and look amazing while doing it. Bright red finish for safety so you don't trip over them. Front movers are 8.5 inches wide, rear mover is 11.5 inches wide. Designed and engineered to be functional and easy to manipulate by one person, this is sure to make your life much easier when you need to move that 1000 LBS machine around a tight garage. Go side to side, do a 180 turn in no time, place it in a corner to save some decide !!!  All 12 wheels come with locks. Any questions can be sent to  or call us at 450-586-9608.



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    Sp;yder Mover

    Posted by DICK DWINELL on 2022 Apr 13th

    Excellent asset for storage of my 2015 RT LMTD. It would have had to go outside without the movers. My only criticism is in the ease of movement as seen in the promo video. I'm not as strong as Piere (sp). Suggest bigger and not flat wheels. More pointed wheels swivel much easier and move from a stationery position quicker and less force is needed. Otherwise, this would have been a five star.

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    Posted by Dennis Hudson on 2022 Mar 15th

    Purchased these in January. Box was a little heavier than expected! Anyhow, they are very easy to assemble, and they work great for me. We have a two car garage and trying to maneuver my RTL in and out was a disaster waiting to happen. They work wonders! I can move the Spyder RTL easily! I would have to move my side by side, and dually just to get the Spyder out of my side of the garage!

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    Can Am Spyder Movers

    Posted by Charles Berry on 2022 Mar 13th

    Great product, easy to load Ryker and move around the garage.

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    Can Am Spyder Movers

    Posted by Bill Perry on 2022 Mar 12th

    I can park my Spyder in the garage sideways in front of my car between a workbench and the back door and have the Spyder close to the wall.

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    Omnidirectional dollies for 2021 ryker

    Posted by Anthony Dela Rosa on 2021 Nov 27th

    Surprised this item isn’t on more websites. I didn’t want to pay for storage and have to go out of my way to check on my bike. Money well spent and made maneuvering the ryker in a tight space so easy! Thanks team!

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    spider movers

    Posted by rob on 2021 Oct 2nd

    you can move the bike anywhere across your garage with little to no effort. well worth the price

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    Honest Review of Spyder Movers

    Posted by Don P on 2021 May 28th

    I purchased the Spyder Movers to move around my RTL in my garage. They arrive quickly and were packaged well. The paint on it is very good and can not be scratched easily. They work just as advertised....however....if there is a redesign, the movers need to have more clearance. The base of each mover is probably no more than a 1/4 inched from the pavement. This makes it impossible to navigate over even the smallest seam in the concrete. With that said, I would buy again. If the movers had about 1/2 inch clearance under the base, I would rate it as a 5.

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    Spyder Movers

    Posted by Steve Swendsen on 2021 Apr 10th

    These movers work great and move the Spyder easily to tuck into a corner or wherever you need it ! Work great on concrete floor !!!

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    Spyder Movers

    Posted by Kent McRae on 2021 Jan 8th

    Awesome product! Perfect for for my storage needs!