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WOW !!!  Another amazing product from Can Am Spyder Accessories - Move your 1000 lbs Spyder in your garage with precision and ease and do it all by yourself !!

We did it again, came out with something totally new to the Spyder Community, we cal them the Spyder Movers !!! This is a set of 3 platforms and 3 ramps to fit your Can Am Spyder wheels, simply drive your Spyder on the Spyder Movers and you're ready to place it where you want within an 1/4 inch precision, we're not joking !!!

Cut by lasers and made from 3/16 thick steel, sandblasted and powder coated for a durable and stylish finish, these Spyder movers will last a long long time and look amazing while doing it. Bright red finish for safety so you don't trip over them. Front movers are 8.5 inches wide, rear mover is 11.5 inches wide. Designed and engineered to be functional and easy to manipulate by one person, this is sure to make your life much easier when you need to move that 1000 LBS machine around a tight garage. Go side to side, do a 180 turn in no time, place it in a corner to save some decide !!!  All 12 wheels come with locks. Any questions can be sent to [email protected]  or call us at 450-586-9608.



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    My Car Is Back In the Garage Thanks to Can-Am Spyder Movers

    Posted by Ron in Virginia on 2020 Nov 24th

    When we got our 2019 Spyder RTL, it took my car's spot in the garage since late 2019. Not willing to spend another winter scraping windows, I set about making room for both. The Spyder Movers were just the ticket - tailor made for this purpose. I was able to put the Spyder in the corner of the garage and make room for the car again! The initial shipment got lost at UPS for a month, but Lydia/Pierre shipped a second set and they arrived quickly. The quality is excellent and the shipment was packed REALLY well so it arrived intact. Thanks for the excellent customer service! My garage floor is painted and a bit slick, so even with the caster wheels locked, it kept scooting the movers forward when I tried to roll the Spyder up on them. I put some lumber against the wall in front to block them from moving and everything worked fine. These are SO much better than the cheap car dollies sold at places like Lowe's and Harbor Freight.Because of the removable ramps and velcro wheel chocks, you don't have to to jack up the Spyder to get a dollie under the wheel - just roll up on them and you're done. Highly recommend!

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    Can Am Spyder movers

    Posted by Jay on 2020 Aug 8th

    These are excellent!! I have a longer 1-car garage and the only way I can store my F3 Limited is to push it up against the end of the garage in front of my car. The Movers are well built and make it easy to move my Spyder in any direction. I could not live without them. Thank you for a great product!

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    Spyder mover

    Posted by Kenneth Fikes on 2020 Jan 18th

    I love the spyder movers!