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This is the "Ultimate F3 Floorboard"  Choose carefully the right board for you - All options are at the bottom of this page, if you need help, call me at 450-586-9608.

**Works on all F3 Spyders with stock pegs - Manual shift with pegs - Manual shift with OEM Floorboards - OEM Floorboards

This is simply the best and most comfortable F3 Floorboard out there, no question !! Why is it the best, well here's a list... The Only board on the market to offer multiple riding positions, combining the F3 position with an RT like style position, you get to choose. Gives you the much needed help to mount the bike, the only board to give you a full size step to get on and off the Spyder, that's the safety you were looking for !!! Non slippery and low maintenance Rhino Lining covered. Fits all models and all years, OEM Floorboards or manual shift.

For the manual shift, the left board has a slight 21 degree bent about 3.5 inches from the top of the board, allowing a better access to insert your foot underneath to shift gears, your foot also gains better leverage.

For the OEM Floorboard set up, we provide you with a special spacer/mount to be able to use the mounting systems you have that's different from the peg system.

The only board to allow you to stand upright on the Spyder....The only board to give you some much needed protection against the wind, rain and water with our vertical shield. Still not convince... life time no hassle warranty.... We stand behind our products. 1/4 in thick aluminium with Rhino Lining covered wrap around, this is tough, safe and stylish. Stainless steel hardware. **Works on all F3 Spyders with stock pegs - Manual shift with pegs - Manual shift with OEM Floorboards - OEM Floorboards


  • 5
    Running boards

    Posted by Bret Woodward on 2022 Nov 11th

    Bought these for my 2022 F3S. These are amazing…I’m so glad I went with these runningboards. Easy to install, so comfortable on a long ride. They make getting on and off the Spyder so easy.

  • 5
    Very high quality floorboards.

    Posted by Tim Wright on 2022 Oct 10th

    Much more comfortable on a long ride

  • 5

    Posted by Gary on 2022 Oct 8th

    Wonderful floorboards

  • 5
    The ultimate floorboard f3

    Posted by Robert Altaffer on 2022 Sep 23rd

    These are as advertised and better. They do everything you said they would starting with ease of installation to the functionality of the boards. It allows me easier access on and off the spyder and also allows me to position myself on the bike to take the strain off my back. The boards are built well, look amazing and all of the hardware was correct and over built. I would recommend these to anyone looking for running boards on there spyder The owner of the company even took the time out of his day to call me and confirm that what I had ordered was correct.

  • 5
    Floor board

    Posted by Morgan Philip on 2022 Sep 9th

    Hard to thread bolts on center attachment

  • 5

    Posted by Phil on 2022 Sep 2nd

    I purchased these floorboards 6 or 8 months before receiving my Spyder F3-S. Purchasing the boards for position 3 based on my short ride on an F3T. I am thrilled, not only the comfort and convenience they provide, but also the quality of construction is outstanding. If you are even considering these floorboards, don't hesitate, purchase them.

  • 4
    Sehr gute Floorboards

    Posted by Reto Lippuner on 2022 Aug 22nd

    Top Artikel

  • 5
    ultimate floorboards

    Posted by Gary F Heuer on 2022 Jul 4th

    Added these, along with the passenger boards. Big improvement over original pegs, plus they look good.

  • 5
    The ultimate F3 Floorboard

    Posted by Ray Brannum on 2022 Jun 28th

    Installing the floorboard is the best item I have ever purchased for the Spyder. I am disabled and have limited use of my legs. It makes it easy to get off and own the bike. I use a walker and it helps me place the walker on the luggage rack. Would not do without it.